Sunday, April 23, 2017

How To Wear Your Barretina?

Like berets, there are many ways how to wear a barretina. Much depends on the length of the barretina, as they typically come in 3 variations: 3, 5 and 7 pams. The 7 pams model is by far the longest and is usually worn rolled up (apart from the Portuguese barrete pescador version). 
Most visitors of this blog would happily pass on the extra long 7 pams version and therefore we stock mainly 3 pams barretines; still long enough to fit in your cellphone, wallet and pipe!


  1. And, I believe, it also doubles as a pouch which is tucked under the belt? Very convenient. Also, Tibetan lamas have precariously ways of wearing their "detached hoods" depending on the season and weather conditions. Over the ears in the cold of winter and folded and resting on the top of the head as a kind of visor for sun protection.

  2. Maybe you should be interested in the sardinian "berritta", which is very similar to longer versions of the barretina, while usually being completely black.
    Interstingley enough, Sardinian (herself home of the sardinian linguistic minority) has an historic cataln speaking minority in the town of Alghero.

    Paolo from Italy