Saturday, April 1, 2017

Not an April Fools Day Joke

Usually, on the 1st of April, you would read an interesting story here pulling your boinero's leg, like on Cuba levying copyright fees on Ché Guevara merchandise; about US sheriffs having to change from Stetson hats to berets; Tarte Chasseurs for James Bond and the like (see here to refresh your memory: 2016201520142013).
This year I had a few ideas for interesting stories lined up, but since Donald Trump's decree of 28 March, one idea became obsolete and really, who needs an April Fools day joke when the reality is this funny outrageous? 
For those outside the US who missed the announcement (and American boineros who failed to understand the implications of decree #131, or the Importation of Foreign Manufactured Goods Act, appendix 12F, ref's. CDE), this simply means that from 1 May 2017 no Basque berets can be imported into the United States without a certificate issued by the US Custom Department  stating that no equivalent can be found or made within the territory of the United States of America.
So? Yes, there are berets made in the US (Parkhurst, New York for example; Bancroft) and therefore, no more French, Spanish, Italian and South American made beret will make it to US shores without being taxed at 280% of sales value (and added US Customs fee at $82.00/shipment) - effectively banning foreign berets.
What that means for South Pacific Berets with some 60% of customers in the US? I dread to even think about it... I spoke to the people at Laulhère this morning who believe they can bypass the ruling by opening a webshop based inside the US...
It'l become very hard to Make America Great Again.  


  1. In times of twisted reality, I must ask: thats a joke, isnt it?

    1. I ask myself that question every time, I see or hear this man...