Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Taking Leave

My last full day in New Zealand, for the time being. Off to the Old World; apart from visiting family and friends, meetings in Bayonne, Oloron Sainte Marie, Tolosa, Bilbao and various places in BĂ©arn and the French Basque Country. The aim is to return after 3 weeks with lots of material for The Beret Project and some new beret models too.
Meanwhile, South Pacific Berets and Boneteria Aotearoa remain open 24/7; whenever possible orders will be shipped within the usual 24 hours, some orders will only be shipped upon my return on 24 May.
Today, a small selection of the many magnets that always accompany a beret order and from tomorrow, as usual during my absences, every day an interesting, historic, funny, precious, sexy, vintage beret picture.
See you in 3 weeks time!

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