Saturday, May 27, 2017

World's Oldest Beret

As if the ongoing discussion ('war', some would say) between Béarnais and Basques about the origin of the beret isn't enough, it has now been discovered that the Basque beret is actually Jewish, or at least from Palestine. 
Discover Magazine published the evidence in their April 2017 issue:. 
On the final day of digging last September, archaeologists in Yehud (Israel), unearthed this unusual ceramic creation. It’s an ordinary Bronze Age jug, but perched on top is a figure wearing a beret, frozen in contemplation. The 3800 year old piece was probably a funerary offering made for a respected community member, according to dig director Gilad Itach of the Israel Antiquities Authority. He said the figure was added to the jug before firing, but each might have come from separate craftsmen. 

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