Friday, July 21, 2017

Berets for the Hip, Young & Trendy!

So, once more to all those moaners and wisecracks who tell us the beret is dead, or only worn by those close to death, here an article found on Hello Giggles (and definitely aimed at a younger audience!):
Trends may come and go, but it seems French girl style will always have an eternal je ne sais quoi. So when a Parisian-influenced trend pops up, we’re never completely caught off guard. We are, however, always deeply impressed, and the resurgence of the beret has us feeling no less inspired.
This sleek hat trend is cropping up as one of the biggest under-the-radar trends on the verge of total Instagram explosion, but apparently, supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, plus mega-popstar Rihanna, have already gotten the memo. Between the three of them, we’ve seen quite a few chic berets as of late.
Now, between Bella and Kendall bringing this trend back to life like the seasoned fashion muses they are, we were already sold. But like we said, they’re not the only ones who caught onto it. Nope, Rihanna also sported a posh leather beret during Paris Fashion Week, as did the majority of the Dior darlings both on and off the runway at the designer’s recent show.
Clearly, this is piping up to be one trend du jour that will soon be everywhere. But thanks to these fashion-forward ladies, we’re already in the know!
Thanks, Lisa

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