Monday, July 17, 2017

The New Foulards Aotearoa!

The latest addition to the range of berets under the Boneteria Aotearoa label, and quite different at that too.
The brief for the manufacturer was a beret similar in quality and comfort to the Basque Super Lujo; the lightness of the Uruguayan Cataluña and the softness and smooth touch of an Auloronesa. And last, a very competitive price!
I think it worked out pretty well!
These berets weigh only 70% of comparable berets, making them excellent for summer and in-between seasons. Soft to the touch and super comfortable.
The bérets foulard Aotearoa come in a range of four plateaus (diameters) and in two distinct colours: Graphite grey and Fox; a beautiful brown with a hint of red.
All models @ $50.00.
In the same quality comes the majestic Txapeldun ('Champion' in the Basque language) in traditional black and a plateau of 36cm, @ $52.50

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