Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Beret Spy in Citroën Cactus

My liking of Basque berets is only equaled by my liking of Citroëns. Although, this has been challenged over the past decade, with Citroën becoming more and more mainstream in their designs and innovations.
But, then came the Cactus! The Cactus is a mini crossover, produced by Citroën in their Spanish factory since April 2014. The C4 Cactus is considered a compact SUV, although it is based on the platform that underpins the smaller Citroën C3 and DS3. 
The Cactus tries to recapture some of that old Citroen 2CV charm and it's motto seems to be ‘more’ - more design, more comfort, more useful technology. A distinctive design feature is the "Airbump" panels on the car's sides, designed to protect the vehicle from damage in car parks, it's lugage style doorhandles and sofa-style front bench seat.
One convert is my own brother, the Beret Spy, happily showing off his new Cactus in a variety of berets!

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