Saturday, October 28, 2017


To liberate. From Latin lascare.
Lliure (masculine and feminine plural lliures)
Free, liberated (not restrained)


  1. Spaniards living in Canada would like to express their utter disgust and disdain at the Catalan terrorist Regime led by Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó. For years a pocket of rogue politicians have hijacked the Catalonian Parliament and have passed a barrage of successive laws both repressive and illegal in nature that have done nothing but damage it's citizens and the region's economy.

    Puigdemont's illegal referendum on October 1, 2017 that broke Spanish Constitutional Laws, and the fact there were no international election observers to audit the "fake" yes vote results demonstrates to the international community the true intentions of this anti Human Rights tyrant.

    Over half a million citizens marched the streets thereafter to protest the illegal referendum, and they kindly asked the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy Brey, to enact article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to place those traitorous elements within the Catalonian regime responsible for the embarrassment and oppression of it's citizens in prison. Spain is a Democratic Society governed by Law and it is both the duty and obligation of all Spaniards to defend their country.

    As of Monday (October 30th.) the tyrant has fled to Belgium "hoping" to seek asylum in order to avoid the jail time he will receive for treason. I guess tyrants flee and "hope" the mess they made is cleaned-up by others? It was said in various internet news sites that Hillary Clinton was in the running for Idiot of the Year, but i believe that Carles Puigdemont has that all sown up now.

    Feeling sad from all this drama? BUY A BERET FROM SOUTH PACIFIC TODAY!

  2. I'm not a Catalan, but the Catalans I know here in Montréal strongly disagree with you. I'm not a particular fan of Puigdemont, who is hardly the most progressive politician on earth, but the Spanish government has reacted in a way worthy of Franco to a PEACEFUL referendum.

  3. Hi lagatta i am a Spaniard in Canada, what part of "illegal referendum" do you or your friends not understand??? Also, what part do your Catalan friends not understand when you Break the Laws of a country you go to Jail? If you or i break a law, we go to court, and we either get a warning (if we are very lucky) or a fine or jail time. We don't start crying on youtube and on the International press that our Human Rights have been violated? Or that the Government of Canada has reacted Thatcher style and blew up the General Belgrano in International waters??
    In Democratic Societies, like Spain, it is those politicians "together" as a Nation that make those decisions that affect a Nation. Not a tyrant named Carles Puidgemont ramming down it's own citizens throats illegal after illegal act; which by the way has embarrassed the people of Catalonia and scores of jobs are leaving out the door like there was no tomorrow. Just look at what happened to Quebec in Canada with their referendum manneuvers...700 big businesses left that province and Never came back - bye, bye good jobs...Hello more poverty. Tyrants just care about their illegal dreams but can care less for the people actually living in Catalonia. Puidgemont is going to See serious Jail time and it's longgg overdue.
    As of Thursday, November 2, 2017 their is an European Warrant of Arrest for Treason issued for Carles Puidgemont so i guess that the long arm of the Law caught up with him. Despite the fact he has fled to seek refuge in Belgium!

  4. Good News! It would appear that the Catalan terrorist Regime leader (and traitor to the country he was born in Spain) Carles Puidgemont has been captured and jailed in Germany!

    It's funny HOW so many people break the Laws in their native country, shoot their mouths off as exiles, but finally Justice Prevails! Good news for all in order to keep and make our world a Safer Place.

    I hope Puidgemont and his traitorous gang get very long prison sentences, and pay for their crimes of sedition.

    Good work on the part of the German government to protect our Fredoms and Liberties that we anjoy today! Enjoy your time in prison Mr. Puidgemont and traitor friends!

    REMEMBER....IF you break the Law = Jail Time sooner or later! It's the SAME end game for the rest of us on planet earth that break the Law. NO exceptions....sorry mixed-up-Catalan-separatist-traitors :(