Saturday, December 9, 2017

Allan Runefelt

Elis Gunnar Allan Runefelt  (1922  - 2005) was a Swedish sculptor and cartoonist .
Runfelt studied under Nils Sjögren and Eric Grate at the Stockholm Academy of Arts between 1939-1945 and made several study trips to the USA and around Europe while studying in Italy at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. During his studies, he showed an extra interest in primitive art that appeared at various ethnographic museums which he later used to use in his own art.
His most famous sculpture is the ‘Gubben med geten’ , which is placed in several copies around the country; a beautiful sculpture of a beret wearing man with his goat. During a trip in France he is said to have seen how similar goats and men are.
Fritz H Eriksson , the initiator of the sculpture collection in Västertorp , Stockholm, saw the sketches from France and ordered the artwork. Runfelt is represented at the Modern Museum in Stockholm, the Västerås Art Museum and the Borås Art Museum.


  1. Daan, the man in this fantastic sculpture looks a bit like you with YOUR beard and YOUR boina! I love it!