Sunday, December 3, 2017


KHERAU started as a quintet in May 2007, fascinated by old traditional Basque tunes. KHERAU works with both traditional songs and own compositions, always charming the former ones with contemporary interpretations and mixing up their own songs with rock and pop styles as they use several international musical instruments.
The band has released two albums since its beginning: MUNDUAN ORTOZIK (Baga-Biga 2010) and AUKHERA (Gaua 2014). Both albums are characterised by forceful rhythms made by the cajon, bass guitar and the Irish bouzouki, accompanied carefully by the flutes and triki (Basque diatonic accordion) together with vocals and choir. 
Their performances are fresh and powerful at the same time. KHERAU tries to adapt each performance to the very location and audience, the poetry and “bertsolaritza” an important role in their spectacle.

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