Friday, August 24, 2018

Heinz Fülfe

Heinz Fülfe (1920 - 1994) was a German actor and writer, known for Flax und Krümel (1955), Zu Besuch im Märchenland (1955) and Unser Sandmännchen (1958). 
From 1959 he was a darling of the GDR children's television in the role of "Taddeus Punkt" with dog "Struppi" in the "Abendgruß" and with his wife Ingeburg Fülfe in the puppetry TV series "Flax und Krümel" (1955-1970) created by both.

For his achievements Heinz Fülfe was honored in 1961 with the National Prize of the GDR.

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