Saturday, August 25, 2018

Pépé’s Béret

Daniel Airoldi is the founder of Airoldi Wines. He was born in Nérac in the South West of France, the centre of the Armagnac region. The Airoldi Family has always been connected to wines, as in every generation, a family member has worked in the industry in various wine-making regions.
Daniel’s first choice of career was cooking and after 15 years following this career in Australia and various countries, it became obvious that his main interest was to renew his strong ties to wine.
Pépé’s Béret came to life as a result of a desire to pay homage to Daniel’s great grand-father Robert, who was a winemaker in the Bordeaux area.

The fruits for all three Pépé’s Béret wines have been carefully selected within vineyards of greater southern France to reflect our vision of making great value-for-money wines of the highest possible quality that are approachable, are fun to drink, and would have made Pépé proud of his descendants.

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