Saturday, February 23, 2019

The "never seen images" of the Spanish Civil War #1

Spanish newspaper ABC has published a treasure trove of photographic material that so far has been hardly seen.
A Republican soldier preparing his machine-gun at the Guadalajara Front, early 1937
The article (with many, many more photo's) and background information can be found here
A saddler from the Sorian militia near the front, at the beginning of 1937, Siguenza Front (Guadalajara)
Departure of the first Requetes of Pamplona, ​​on July 19, 1936
Group of militiamen, in the Port of Mahon (Menorca), waiting for the time to leave for Mallorca to fight against the Francoists, on August 1, 1936
Republican soldiers at the Northern Front, 1 September 1936

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