Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Madhur Jaffrey and Mr Cardamom

Madhur Jaffrey (85) is surprising old fans and winning new ones with her latest guise as a grandma MC in a music video for a New York-based rapper.
The Delhi-born actor, who trained at London’s Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts, then published a series of influential cookbooks, stars in the film clip for the track Nani – Hindi for maternal grandmother – by the hip-hop artist Mr Cardamom.
 “I’m the best damn nani that you ever done see,” she tells her son, after he berates her for neglecting her grandmotherly duties. “Fuck top five nanis and fuck top three, I’m the number one nani, don’t fuck with me.”
Jaffrey refused to accept payment for her role in the video clip, but insisted on keeping the yellow beret.

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