Monday, May 6, 2019

True Basque Berets from France!

For many decades, the only true “Basque” beret manufacturer was Boinas Elósegui (from Tolosa, in the Spanish Basque Country). Not anymore though, as Le Béret Français has moved its factory from Làas (in Béarn) to Bayonne (the capital of the French Basque Country).
Le Béret Français has done extremely well, since starting only 6 years ago. Numbers are up, but much better in my opinion, is the enormous work they have done to re-popularize the beret. 
Although Béarn is the birthplace of the beret, I really like the fact that after some 40, 50 years, there are again Basque berets made in the French Basque Country. With the move to Bayonne, Le Béret Français has expanded its range of berets with some really beautiful models. Made from Pyrenean spun Merino wool, the ‘Vintage Béret Basques-Français’ berets are knitted in a higher density (weight) and fitted with beautiful long vanished traditional French-Basque beret labels. These Vintage Béret Basques-Français have the Le Béret Français trademark red cabillou. 
Another exclusive by Le Béret Français are the ‘Bérets Marbré’. Berets made of 100% Merino wool with a marbled (camouflage-like pattern) that are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also absolute head turners. 
New in the range of Éco Bérets Printemps are the ‘Rouille’ (rust) and Wild Blackberry. 
Last in the range of new wool models, is the Béret Casquette in khaki; a beret made in Bayonne and finished in the Pays de la Loire. South Pacific Berets has now 2 dedicated pages of Le Béret Français berets: wool models and Éco/cotton models.

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