Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Marcel Pinte

Marcel Pinte was born in Valenciennes in April 1938. His father, Eugene Pinte, was a local resistance leader who used his farmhouse in Aixe-sur-Vienne to receive coded messages from London and coordinate parachute drops in a field nearby.

From a young age Marcel acted as a courier for local resistance fighters. He was given the nickname "Quinquin" after a children's song.

He was killed, aged six, on 19 August 1944 when he was hit by several bullets from an unintentional discharge by a Sten gun shortly after a large group of resistance fighters had landed by parachute.

In 1950, he was awarded the posthumous rank of Sergeant in the Resistance. In August 2013, the National Office of Former Combatants and War Victims delivered a card for "volunteer combatants of the Resistance" in the name of "Monsieur Marcel Pinte". On Armistice Day 2020, Pinte was honoured in a special ceremony in which his name was inscribed on the war memorial of Aixe-sur-Vienne near Limoges.

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