Sunday, February 26, 2023

Helen Iris Crooke

Helen Iris Crooke was born in Lawrence, Otago (NZ), on 14 December 1895, but Iris and her three sisters spent most of their childhood in Marton, Rangītikei, where they boarded at Ngā Tawa School. 

In 1920 Iris qualified as a registered nurse at Wellington Hospital and served there briefly as a nursing sister. 

In 1948 she represented the New Zealand Red Cross Society at the 17th International Red Cross Conference at Stockholm, Sweden. She then visited the League of Red Cross Societies in Geneva and the Red Cross in the United Kingdom. Her observations of the organisation of Meals on Wheels in England prompted her, on her return, to attempt to implement the scheme in New Zealand. In 1950 Iris Crooke retired from her mainly voluntary work as director general of the New Zealand Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachments. 

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