Friday, February 10, 2023

Nick (Kiwi Bloke)

Kiwi bloke and good friend Nick Armstrong is a serial beret wearer.

For some 14 years now the beret is his headgear of choice as he navigates his days, weeks and months across the seasons.

His favorites are his Chyldish Fear Naught in black; the Hispano Basque in Bleu de France and the wide brimmed cotton Tolosa Tupida for the beach in the summer. 

When on a multi-day tramp around Mount Taranaki with his daughter, it is the cotton Boina Castilla/Aotearoa. Light to carry. Soft and cool on the head. Great protection from the sun too!

And the same beret accompanies Nick when walking fluffy dog Elvis or to Butler’s Reef for a cold beer…. 

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