Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Donzère-Mondragon Dam

The Donzère-Mondragon Dam (or André-Blondel dam), located in the French commune of Bollène-Écluse) is a hydroelectric dam and lock built in 1952 at the southern end of the Donzère-Mondragon canal, in the Vaucluse department in France. It was registered in the list of historic monuments in France in 1992.

Umberto Bratti, a Donzere-Mondragon canal and power worker, 1952

The Donzère-Mondragon Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric dams in France, with a total installed capacity of 450 MW. The dam has a height of 58 meters and a length of 5.8 kilometers, and it consists of five turbines that generate electricity from the flow of water through the dam.

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