Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iakob Nikoladze (იაკობ ნიკოლაძე)

Iakob Nikoladze (1876-1951) was a Georgian sculptor and artist. He is perhaps best known as the designer of the previous state flag of Georgia. The design resulted from a national flag-designing contest. This flag was abolished by the Soviet Union following the 1921 takeover of Georgia but was revived on November 14, 1990 by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia. It lost popularity thereafter as it became associated with the chaotic and violent period following Georgia's independence from the Soviet Union.
The Iakob Nikoladze House Museum is dedicated to his works and was established after his death in his home-studio in his native town of Kutaisi. The museum houses sculptures, sketches, photo and documentary materials.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Super Lujo's are BACK!

The new stock from Spain is in! And by popular request this includes the boinas Exposición Super Lujo extra small diameter 9.5" and the extra large diameter 13".
Boinas Elósegui's top of the line berets in 100% Australian merino wool, blue satin lining and carrying the EuskalHerria (Basque Country) label.
These are the densest (heaviest) quality berets on the market today. And, price includes international postage and handling.
Also, well stocked again are the 34.9cm/13.7" and 37.2cm/14.6" Exposición Txapelduns.

E. 2nd St. by James Jowers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Louis Jou

Louis Jou (1882 - 1968) was a twentieth century etcher and wood engraver. Louis Jou illustrated a large number of books in France. His original etchings and wood engravings appeared in books authored by Andre Gide, Balery, Victor Hugo, Gourmont, Wilde, Cervantes and many more. Louis Jou was so successful in this artistic medium that he set up his own publishing house in Paris in order to gain greater freedom for the creation of his books.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

T-Shirt: A Cap Is For People Who Don't Dare To Wear A Beret!

A Cap Is For People Who Don't Dare To Wear A Beret!
Exactly. And now you can tell the World, with this South Pacific Beret T-Shirt.

Pre-shrunk Anvil T-Shirt, grey with print, in a generous size L and only $29.95. 

Gauchos Argentina

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jacqueline Pierreux

Jacqueline Pierreux (1923 - 2005) was a French actress, outside France best known for her role in the cult horror classic Black Sabbath, co-starring with Boris Karloff.
She was married to the writer Pierre Léaud and the mother of actor Jean Pierre Léaud.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Where many French, British, some North Americans, NZ'ers and Asians look back at a childhood where the beret was part of a much unwanted school uniform, in Argentina the situation is quite different.
Many kids literally grow up with the beret, part of gaucho traditions.
And whereas French and Spanish berets are predominantly black, Argentinean berets tend to be a lot more colourful too.
Can't start young enough, really.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Four Vintage Ads for Boinas Elosegui

Four vintage ads, cuttings from magazines and newspapers and a poster. Dates unknown.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Branko Radičević (1 and 2)

Branko Radičević (1824 – 1853) was an influential Serbian poet, who, within a short space of time contrived to enhance Serbian literature with several poems. 
I found a photograph of this Branko Radičević, but although it could be, I fear it is merely my wishful thinking that makes me see a beret. 
But then, there is this Branko Radičević, owner / chef of the Three Brothers Restaurant in Bay View, Milwaukee. And he definitely wears a beret - always.  
A born Serb (Belgrade, 1923) from the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Mr Radičević has generous experience with the invading NAZI's during WWII. 
A fantastic movie script-like biography can be found in the Bay View Compass.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday (2)

What better cake than a traditional Dutch apple pie with my portrait (con boina) in pastry?
Thanks to my Dutch friend, artist, painter, builder, apple-pie-baker Yerun.

The Spy Files (1)

Birthday present (49 today, thank you) from my brother. These four photographs are the first of a series in 'The Spy Files', taken by my honourable brother Emile, with his iPhone. 
 Cafe, Noordwijk (Netherlands)
 Supermarket (Netherlands)
 Railway Station (Netherlands)
Washington DC (USA)
Thanks, Bro!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mookie Tenenbaum and his 32 Beret Wearing Models

Tenembaum's work reflects his views on the State, freedom, and ecology.
The Argentine conceptual artist Mookie Tenembaum toured the Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires with a show featuring scantily clad models with berets to ask for the right to immortality.
Tenembaum presented his new urban action, called "Immortality or death", to Congress to ask the Argentine deputies to amend the Constitution to guarantee the right to die.
The performance was starring 32 models naked from the waist up. "Women's breasts are the symbol of life, through them I mean immortality, and the symbol of infinity is our logo," said Tenembaum.
The women wore black berets in reference to the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, offering a new version of the slogan "Fatherland or death."

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Note for German Customers

Over the last few months, a number of German customers (of South Pacific Berets), complained about missing shipments. 
Bad news. Postal deliveries from NZ to Germany are meant to take no more than a week or so, but the good news is: the parcels do turn up! 
German customs officer Petra Lotzin showing counterfeit Nikes
The culprits are the (German) Customs! Whether it is to check on terrorism devices, lost revenue from citizens buying from overseas or just sheer envy because their own berets are not exactly SPB-quality, I don't know. The outcome is always a re-sealed envelope delivered with a few weeks delay and no import duties charged (my berets are obviously too cheap to qualify for extra import duties).
Please keep this in mind when ordering from Germany. 

The Scandinavian Series #14 - Reidar Larsen

In his home country, blues pianist, vocalist and songwriter Reidar Larsen, with a musical career going back to the mid 1970s, has long been known as ‘Mr Blues’. With a voice and style that defy his Nordic roots - more New Orleans than Norway – Reidar has recorded 12 albums (with 3 Gold awards) since his 1982 debut ‘I’m A Bluesman’ and since the mid 1980s has also built up a solid repertoire of original material with his long-time lyric partner Tony Burton. 
Born in Oslo in 1955, the son of a piano builder/tuner, it was fairly natural that Reidar’s fascination with the instrument began at an early age with lessons from age 7, and an early diet of albums by the British blues exponents of the 1960s, The Animals, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac and Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack. 
A collaboration between Fleetwood Mac and pianist Otis Spann particularly appealed to the nimble fingered young Larsen who was soon checking out the likes of Eddie Boyd, Champion Jack Dupree, Memphis Slim and Professor Longhair.
Reidar is a highly respected musician working with numerous Norwegian artists, and a much in demand Piano Man for touring blues stars supporting such names as Lowell Fulson and Peter Green. In addition to his 10 studio albums, Reidar has also recorded 2 live sets at New York’s legendary Cotton Club with the venue’s own gospel sensation, Anne Sinclair and The Spirit Of Love Singers with whom Reidar and the band have also toured Scandinavia on several occasions. He often makes guest appearances on other acts albums and features on 4 tracks on the latest set by Louisiana Red. 
Long recognized as one of the finest Blues acts in Scandinavia, Reidar & The Storytellers, his regular band since 1997, are in big demand and play over 100 gigs a year.