Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Eliezer Zilber

Eliezer Zilber, a Jewish member of the Kovno (Lithuania) ghetto resistance, poses in the forested area where he fought as a partisan. 

Monday, February 27, 2023


Tracy Lauren Marrow (1958), better known by his stage name Ice-T, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and producer. 

He began his career as an underground rapper in the 1980s and was signed to Sire Records in 1987, when he released his debut album Rhyme Pays—reportedly the first hip-hop album to carry an explicit content sticker. The following year, he founded the record label Rhyme $yndicate Records (named after his collective of fellow hip-hop artists called the "Rhyme $yndicate") and released another album, Power, which would go platinum. He also released several other albums that went gold.

On June 5, 2008, Ice-T joked that he would be voting for John McCain in the 2008 American elections, speculating that his past affiliation with Body Count could hurt Barack Obama's chances if he endorsed him, so he would choose instead to ruin McCain's campaign by saying he supported him.

Ice-T has stated on numerous occasions that he is a teetotaller and lives a straight edge lifestyle. He is a long-time practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing, and is a big fan of the UFC.


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Helen Iris Crooke

Helen Iris Crooke was born in Lawrence, Otago (NZ), on 14 December 1895, but Iris and her three sisters spent most of their childhood in Marton, Rangītikei, where they boarded at Ngā Tawa School. 

In 1920 Iris qualified as a registered nurse at Wellington Hospital and served there briefly as a nursing sister. 

In 1948 she represented the New Zealand Red Cross Society at the 17th International Red Cross Conference at Stockholm, Sweden. She then visited the League of Red Cross Societies in Geneva and the Red Cross in the United Kingdom. Her observations of the organisation of Meals on Wheels in England prompted her, on her return, to attempt to implement the scheme in New Zealand. In 1950 Iris Crooke retired from her mainly voluntary work as director general of the New Zealand Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachments. 

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai (1980) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actress.

Referred to as the "Queen of C-Pop", she is considered one of the most influential figures in Chinese popular culture. She is known for her continual reinvention and versatility in musical style and visual image, and she has achieved great reputation and popularity in the Chinese-speaking world.

Tsai has set the fashion trend in the Chinese-speaking world. Dubbed as the "Teenage Boys Killer", Tsai was popular among teenage boys for her pure and innocent girl-next-door look in her early years. Since the release of her 2003 album Magic, Tsai mostly dismissed her innocent image for what is perceived as a more sexy look.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Charles Brunier

Charles Brunier, who was also known as Bébert-le-Tatoué, aboard a freighter called the "Ile de Noirmoutier” returning from the penal colony of Cayenne, French Guiana heading towards Bordeaux, France, 1949.

Brunier was born in Paris in 1901. He served in Syria in 1918 during the First World War and was wounded in action, also receiving the Croix de Guerre for saving a lieutenant's life. In 1923, he was convicted of murder and armed robbery and sent to the penal colony off the coast of French Guiana. After the outbreak of World War Two, he escaped to Mexico and joined the Free French Forces as a fighter pilot. He served in the Battle of the Caribbean for two years before transferring to the infantry. He also fought in Africa (where Charles de Gaulle personally decorated him) and Italy. After the war, he was imprisoned again but released in 1948 in recognition of his services. He died in 2007 at the age of 105.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Tattooed Prisoner

Tattooed prisoner in Maison Centrale de Nîmes, Nîmes, France, c.1898-1899.

Dr. Charles Perrier was appointed prison doctor at Maison Centrale de Nîmes from 1888 - 1911. During this time, he carried out extensive research on a total of 859 prisoners from the ages of 16 to 73. Along with collecting data on nationality, ethnic origin, profession, religion, etc, he was particularly interested in tattoos, which he documented by using drawing and photography. His first major volume of work, “Les Criminels”, was published in 1900, which detailed his studies from 1896 to 1899.

Monday, February 20, 2023


Yes, it's 20 February again - the day of your bonetaire's birthday.

60, this year, and to soften the blow, I'd say: Make my Day - Buy a Beret!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Full Circle

Lamb, Sheep, Shearing, Wool Sorting, Beret

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Aleksander Petrosjan

Street photography by Aleksander Petrosjan from Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

Friday, February 17, 2023


South Pacific Berets' top model Millie turns 5 today!

Thursday, February 16, 2023