Friday, May 22, 2009

Berets and Women

Although a centuries old headgear for men, it wasn't until Marlene Dietrich put on a black beret in the 1920's that the beret started to become a unisex garment (and the beginning of her collection of 64 berets...).

Greta Garbo probably had the biggest influence on the new trend, wearing one in the film The Kiss (1929).

Still, it took to well into the sixties for the beret to become an accepted headdress for women, thanks to Brigitte Bardot and movie stars after her.

Where Marlene Dietrich scandalised the petite bourgeoisie with her action, the beret became very much part of women uniforms as well; be it in the military, the "La Causa" Brown berets, girl-school uniforms or the Purple Berets (NGO against domestic violence). 

These days the beret is fully accepted as a headdress for men and women of all ages and income levels, Hollywood celebrities, female presidents and wife's of prime ministers leading the way. 

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