Thursday, November 26, 2009

A few more Facts, on Berets and Georgia

A few more facts on the beret, according to the American Basque berets company. Did you know that:
  • in Spain, during the 11th Century, the women wore plain berets, whereas those worn by the men were decorated with flowers and feathers?
  • superstitious newly married couples of Tahiti present a native beret to each other on every wedding anniversary as a symbol of good luck?
  • peasants and common people of ancient Greece for a time during the 3rd Century, were not permitted to wear berets? Only the privileged classes wore berets at the time.
  • The Cheusur people of the Caucasian Mountain District today still wear the same type of beret as their ancestors, the early Crusaders, wore 1400 years ago.
I have lived and worked in the countries of the Caucasus for quite a while, but this last fact really dazzles me. Besides, I always thought the crusades happened only a mere 1000 years ago...

It does make me think of another hat though, the felt cap of the Svan people in the Georgian district of Svanetia, bearing some similarities to the beret. A nice and simple hat, typical of mountain people, from arguably the most beautiful country in the world.

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