Friday, November 20, 2009

They're In: The Cotton Basque Berets from Buenos Aires!

Happy to announce that they are in, finally, the beautifully made Cotton Basque Berets from Bonigor, Buenos Aires, and just in time to get your Christmas presents organized!

So many hats are called berets, mistakingly - all those beanies, newsboy caps, cheese slicers, skull caps...
But, one variety on the traditional merino woolen Basque beret, is this fantastic piece of headgear that truely does deserve the name Boina Vasca (or Béret Basque). Invented in 1996 by the present (and 5th generation) owner/manufacturer of Boinas Bonigor SA in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

These berets are ideal (but not only) for warmer climates - beautiful craftsmanship using the traditional pattern of the Basque beret and not available anywhere else outside South America except for South Pacific Berets!

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