Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Japanese Cartoonist: Ryuichi Yokoyama

Ryuichi Yokoyama is best known as a cartoonist, but he has worked in a wide variety of media all his life. 
In addition to all the cartoons he created, he's an accomplished painter, essayist and sculptor. Ryuichi Yokoyama's most famous strip, 'Fuku Chan', was hugely popular and ran from 1938 to 1971, for a record-setting 5,534 editions. Other Yokoyama creations of note are 'The Beggar King', 'Peko-chan' and 'Densuke' in the 1940s, and 'Yuki' and 'Hyaku Baka'in the 1960s. Ryuichi Yokoyama is beloved and celebrated all over Japan, but probably nowhere more than in his hometown, Kochi City.

Japanese cartoonist Ryuichi Yokoyama and a group of top cartoonists from Japan arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport, May 11, 1967. Yokoyama wears a suit with boutonierre, beret and tinted eyeglasses.

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