Saturday, March 6, 2010

Italian Grandfathers and the Montejurra Incidents

A few days ago, I read an interesting post on the Fedora Lounge:

" grandfather lived for a period of his life in Paris (in the '20s-'30s of the past century...)

well, he wore a beret...
but not only he wear it; he (as one of his friends taught him to do) used to walk with the beret in his hand, while hiding a gun inside the beret...

you know, petty crimes and stuff. Real story."

Just now, researching post-Franco activism, I came upon this article and photograph on a Belgian web site (in Dutch, sorry). It instantly reminded me of the grandfather mentioned above, just an association of the mind really, as they've got nothing to do with each other and this being far from petty crimes, of course. It's the handgun, the Italian connection.., interesting enough to share.

The article translate more or less as follows:
José Luis Marín García Verde, "el hombre de la dina gabardine", the man in the raincoat, keeps his gun at the ready, planning to shoot he Carlist Aniano Jimenez SantosIn the photo are visible his cousin Sixto de Borbón and Hermenegildo García Llorente. The man with a walking stick in the right hand is the "ultra" Augusto Cauchi, follower of Stefano de Chiae, leader of the Italian fascist group "Ordine Nuovo" (New Order).
File:Carlos Hugo supporters complaining after the massacre.jpg
Supporters of the Carlist pretender, Carlos Hugo, complaining after the massacre took place. Estella, May 9, 1976.


  1. Thank you for posting my experience on your very interesting and informative blog!
    I'm the italian guy on the Fedora Lounge, and I'd like to show you my appreciation for your passionate tribute to beret and beret-wearing personalities.
    Obviously if you ever plan to come (or come back if you've already been here) tell me via the Fedora Lounge! It'll be my pleasure to meet you!


  2. All the story that you have told is false. Please, study firts the true.

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      If that is so, please yell me the facts as you see them. Happy to change information if any is wrong, but your comments as given is not very helpful.
      Best regards,