Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Macedonian Berets in Iran

Every now and than, when searching for interesting things on berets, I stumble upon a real gem, like this picture here:

Unfortunately, the accompanying text is in Persian (and I am not a master in that language; when travelling through Iran, shortly after the Islamic Revolution, the only textbook I could find was one published by BP for their oil expatriates, translating orders and complaints to and about servants...). From the instant Google translation, I understand these statues to be of Macedonian origin, left behind in Persia after Alexander the Great went through.
On a site about Macedonian civilization, I found this comment: I can't understand what they are but it says they are certainly Macedonians [not Greeks] because they have worn hats which are similar to French berets! Archaeologist have found several of them in the temples of Athen Hipia. 
Interesting comment, but questionable as there is little evidence of berets in France around that time (the anti-Greek feeling may have more to do with the author bing Macedonian, I guess...).

This is the original text in Farsi: 

توضيح مربوط به عكس1: مسجدسليمان ـ پرسشگاه بزرگ ـ اسواران مقدوني و سواركاران مقدوني كه الهه‌اي با خود دارند.

if anyone has a better translation - please let me know!

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