Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Edén Pastora

Edén (Atanacio) Pastora (Gómez) is a Nicaraguan politician who ran for president as the candidate of the Alternative for Change (AC) party in the 2006 general elections. He finished in 5th place. In the years prior to the fall of the Somoza regime, Pastora was the leader of the Southern Front, the largest militia in southern Nicaragua, second only to the FSLN in the north. Pastora was nicknamed Comandante Cero ("Commander Zero"). His group was the first to call itself "Sandinistas", and was also the first to accept an alliance with the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front), the group that was to become more popularly identified by the name. At the end of 1982, a few years after the revolutionary victory, he became disillusioned with the government of the FSLN, and formed the Democratic Revolutionary Alliance (ARDE) with the object of confronting the "pseudo-Sandinistas" politically and militarily. 
Eden Pastora Aug 25, 1978 boarding the C-130 Venezuelan aircraft with 19 operatives, five hostages and 80 released political prisoners

He was reviled by Oliver North and other Reagan-era insiders for his refusal to subordinate to the CIA-backed FDN. He is also known for his unorthodox behavior in interviews. In an interview he responded to the question "what do you do to relax?" with the answer "I make love with my wife".

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