Monday, July 25, 2011

El Beret Montgomery (@ 6.90 pesos)

This ad was published on 26 May, 1943, halfway into WWII. The Argentinean fashion store Harrods offered a black beret in Montgomery style to it's female clientele.  
The vegetarian (and sworn enemy of snuff and alcohol) Marshal Bernhard Law Montgomery became of bit of an idol after his successful campaign against "desert fox" Field Marshal Erwin Rommel  at the sand of El Alamein (close to the present day campaigns of the Brits in Lybia, of course) and Harrods had a good nose for what would do well with the women of Buenos Aires.

The Harrods version of the beret replaced Monty's famous two badges by one, but then, one only paid 6.90 pesos for it at the time.

From the blog of Ernesto Castrillón

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