Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Return of the Italians

Not to everyone's delight, judging by the comments on previous posts on the Basco Roma (here and here), but I certainly am happy to announce that the shelves at South Pacific Berets are well filled again with these fantastic berets!
I still can't believe how much anti_Italianism there is among the very people who have a strong liking for the beret - to me still a symbol of progressiveness, solidarity, of, oh well, I guess of something like the three principles of the French Revolution.
Anyway, take it from a very seasoned beret wearer that, as 'light and easy to wear berets' go, you won't find find any better than these!
Again, available in sizes 57 - 60, in black and the traditional dark navy blue.  


  1. Quality products, as well as Nincompoops, are to be found everywhere in the world.

  2. The Elosegui Txapela is the finest quality beret on the planet; enough said!

  3. Vive le beret Basque d'espagne!

    Lisstte Tremuille