Friday, July 29, 2011

Living Exhibition: Artist Tyler Rowland

"After being a zebra for a year, I was ready to become a human again. Anticipating this return, I began to grow a beard six months prior to my planned conversion. My plan had originally been to become a mountain man or cowboy from the Wild West (circa 1850’s) but the more I thought about it I felt I had a unique opportunity -- I could become any human I wanted."
"I began my sixth installment of Artist’s Uniform on leap day February 29, 2008. Artist’s Uniform #6: The Year I Became Gustave Courbet and Was Not Only A Man But Created “Living Art” corresponded with my own interest (obsession!?) with Courbet, whom I had been exploring in my installation work and whose Realist Manifesto seemed to have a lot of meaning for the performance work as well. My wardrobe was made up of vintage and period reenactment-wear as well as an exact replica of the outfit Courbet is wearing in his 1854-5 painting The Artist’s Studio, meticulously handcrafted by my mother and me. 
The duration of AU #6 corresponded with Courbet’s retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (Feb. 27 – May 18, 2008), which I frequented during my visits to the city. On May 16, 2008 (the 6th anniversary of the Artist’s Uniform project) the Courbet project came to an end."

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