Friday, September 16, 2011

Andy Garcia

As a youngster, Andres "Andy" Garcia dreamed of playing professional baseball. Born on the Island of Cuba, Garcia's family fled to Miami Beach, Florida in the United States of America following Fidel Castro's communist revolution. 
At Natilus Junior High School and later at Miami Beach Senior High School, Garcia excelled in baseball. In his senior year, illness prevented him from playing and he drifted into the drama department. He studied acting with Jay W. Jensen. Jensen was a South Florida legend, counting among his numerous students, Brett Ratner, Roy Firestone, Mickey Rourke, and Luther Campbell. 
At the flight line tower, İncirlik Air Base, Turkey, December 7, 2001.
Following his positive high school experiences in acting, he continued his drama studies at Florida International University. From there he traveled to Hollywood, California to make his mark in movie-stardom. To his friends and fans in Miami Beach, Andy Garcia will always be remembered as a friendly, down-to-earth, all-around good guy.
Andy Garcia heads home after watching the Lakers playl

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