Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Scandinavian Series #10 - Kari Tapio Koivu

Last night I watched the beautiful movie Steam of Life, a Finnish documentary on sauna's, men, emotions and contemplation.
It made me also realize that I have no post on anything Finnish on The Beret Project (apart from Americans of Finnish origin who joined the International Brigades). Time to correct the wrong, I thought, but although I have regular visitors from Finland, I find it very hard to find any information of Fins and berets.
Some 60 minutes searching got me one picture of Kari Tapio Koivu, writer, translator and theologist.And although he may be a master at what he does, apart from the fact that he is also a qualified carpenter and boatbuilder, I can't tell you anything else about him.
Any information on Finland & Berets much appreciated!

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