Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally: French Berets!

It has taken me well over two years, but it is well worth the wait! At the very moment of writing this, boxes of berets are being filled for South Pacific Berets by the oldest beret manufacturer in the world: Blancq-Olibet
Located in Nay, one of the French beret capitals, the Blancq-Olibet plants were established in 1819 and have been making berets for six generations. These are marketed under the names Bakarra and Pébéo.
The company also supplies the French army and a number of couture houses such as Agnès B and Lacoste.
I have ordered a variety of 'Luxe' and 'Excellence' berets under the labels pictured above and below; beautiful berets in 256, 279, 291 and 302mm diameter. 
And last, often asked for: the original Alpine beret of the Chasseurs Alpins under the Bakarra label!
Hopefully available before the end of this month!


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  2. Just when I thought, I dont need to buy another one, here comes the Chssuer beret :(

  3. It was a bit silent on the "Italian front", but announce that I'll be selling French berets and instantly I get some anonymous (they're always anonymous) comment full of nationalistic and anti-Italian rhetoric...
    Grow up, man. Get over it!