Monday, December 19, 2011

Running of the Bulls, no, Nudes

Pamplona is the historical capital city of Navarre in Spain, the former Kingdom of Navarra.
The city is famous worldwide for the San Fermín Festival. from 6 - 14 July, in which the running of the bulls is the main attraction. 
This festival was first brought to widespread attention by Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises. Another time, other ethics...
Ernest Hemingway with a bull (with beret), 1927
While living in Europe, I hardly new of this antiquated event, but in the NZ daily papers photo's get on the front page year after year - 1000's of Kiwi's, Aussies's and Americans travel to Spain for the event every year - not to protest, but to participate, preferably donning a red beret.

These days there is no excuse for cruelty to animals for the amusement of people; tourists, most of them. PETA initiated the Running of the Nudes, as an alternative that in my humble opinion, wins on all fronts. 

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  1. So, now we know what they wear - or don't wear - under a kilt. And, agreed - bullfighting is cruel and should be abolished.