Saturday, December 10, 2011

Władysław Brzosko

Władysław Brzosko was born into a Polish family in Siberia in 1912.
He trained in post-impressionist and cubist traditions at the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy during the 1930s, and continued his artistic education in Paris, before moving permanently to New York City in 1960.  
Self-Portrait in Paris Studio, 1959
Brzosko’s prolific output ranges from oil landscapes of New York City depicting views along the Hudson and Harlem Rivers to the "Warsaw Ghetto Series,” a tribute to Jewish suffering during the Holocaust; to Watergate, a satirical composition commenting on American politics in the 1970s. 
Portrait, 1984
He also created pastel and watercolor landscapes of Arizona, still lifes, and portraits. Brzosko has exhibited in Europe and in the United States.  
He commented on his style: "My art is very simple. I am a modern realist concerned with problems of composition, form and color."   Władysław Brzosko passed away in Arizona on May 26, 2011.

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