Friday, May 18, 2012

Russian (Soviet) Berets

I am always intrigued by the berets that were made in the former Soviet Union and possibly in Russia today (if there are any Russian readers who can help out - please do!).
The Basque beret was quite popular during the Soviet times, evidence of which is available in many photo books, like the A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union. 
Russian customers of S.P.B. tell me the quality of these berets was pretty poor, but no one seems to know where these berets were made, what materials, etc. 
One typical thing of these Soviet berets was their txortena, not the typical "wick" we know from European and South American made berets, but a little loop. Again, no idea on the background of this.
Shown here two photographs from the above mentioned book; a public scales operator in the Moscow area and a sturgeon fisherman at the Caspian Coast - the looped txortena clearly visible. 

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