Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Antonio Vojak

Antonio Vojak (1904 – 1977) was a famous Italian football player whose career was played out during the 1920s and 1930s.
He is most noted for his time with Juventus and Napoli, the latter of which he holds the second place all-time club record for goals scored in the Italian leagues.
Vojak was born in Pula, at that time in Austria-Hungary until 1918 given to Italy and 1947 to Yugoslavia.
Vojak became durin his time for Napoli, playing in a squad that featured Attila Sallustro. He stayed with the club until 1935, scoring over 100 goals for them. Vojak also appeared for the Italian national football team once in 1932 where he played midfield. Due to fascistanti-slav laws, he was forced to use the name Vogliani.
After leaving Napoli, Vojak played only two more seasons; first with Genoa and then with Lucchese-Libertas in 1936-37 where he played only 1 game. He died in 1977.
Vojak was well known for wearing his Basco.

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