Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank you to the Faithful

Thanks to all those readers who replied by email or in the comments section with constructive feedback regarding "the old, wrinkly and sick looking men" advertising my wares at South Pacific Berets.
I really do appreciate your sense for aesthetics and humor - good to have confirmed that there is a place on S.P.B. for these faithful beret wearers.
The same friend, Jeroen, who was critical at first, now changed his criticism - it just had too be a bit more lively, cheerful and he put his Photoshop skills to good use! Great material for the motorbike series, really. Thanks, Jeroen.  
And for the numerous people who'd suggested a handsome, young & attractive gaucho, instead of an old wrinkly face, I adjusted the logo for the berets from Argentina and Uruguay!

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  1. Interesting. Reading through this blog, I have become acutely aware of the beret as a symbol of counter-culturalism on some lever, from the Sex Pistols, to freedom fighters, poets, authors, beatniks and those who hang out on the fringes of society. Maybe that's what draws me to wearing a beret. Using a handsome young model may be how Madison Avenue tricks people into purcahases but using us (I'm about to turn 66) old guys in the SPB ads is as counter-cultural as the berets themselves. For those who object to looking at the old men and women, you'd best remove all the mirrors from your home; all too soon you'll look into the mirror and see an old person staring back. If you can't deal with these ads, how will you deal with your reflection in the mirror?