Thursday, June 21, 2012

More News from South Pacific Berets

Too many berets... More news from Germany!
The new Franco-German stock has just arrived. More of the popular Baskenmuetze, but also classic Basque berets in a Franco-German co-production. 
Great little berets, 26.5cm diameter and available in black and navy.Like the afore mentioned Baskenmuetze, extremely comfortable and pleasant berets to wear - highly recommended! Presently at an introductory price of $45.00 in sizes 57 - 61.

Also, a variety on the Baskenmütze already stocked by South pacific Berets: a similar beret, but with a wider headband on the inside of the beret. Where the standard Baskenmütze gives you more of a military style feel, this beret feels like a traditional Basque beret.
 Again, available in navy and black, sizes 57 - 61.


  1. Dann, great to see these berets on your web site! I bought one of these Basques a couple of years ago in Berlin and didn't take it off until it blew into Lake Michigan, 8 months later. Never found a replacement as good. Tried ordering to from you, but difficulties with ordering. What to do?
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      You're very fast - only have these listed for 1/2 hour!
      Looked at the ordering process on the web site and all should be fine now - let me know if you continue to have trouble ordering.
      And yes, I couldn't agree more: these are great berets that should never come off!