Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bike Helmets

Well over three years ago, I posted on this fantastic bicycle helmet, Czech made, by Ondrej Stanek. 
Ever since, I have tried to find a "hard copy", even contacted the designer to have his design production made for South Pacific Berets - but to no avail. 
Bike helmets. I am sure they have their good use, when cycling the Tour de France or the Giro, but when living in a country with compulsory helmet laws, like New Zealand, evidence shows again and again how little this adds  to safety, while at the same time being very effective in getting people off their bikes (and into cars).  
And for beret wearers, it means you have to part with a kind of headgear that is basically made for cycling! Aerodynamic, stays on in the wind and at speed, is warm and breathes at the same time. 
Not willing to pay any more fines for not wearing a helmet, I found the perfect solution: berets that cover the complete helmet! These, South Pacific labeled berets have such a large head-opening that they fit over practically any bike helmet without having to modify (cut & glue) it . Highly fashionable (!); available in Navy, Brown, Maroon and Green.

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  1. Dear Béret and Boina (aren't those the same thing?)

    I am a dedicated B+B wearer. I even have some lovely cotton bérets for when there is a slight breeze or summery drizzle; they also protect our scalps from those nasty UV rays. (Made by Parkhurst, a Canadian company in which I have NO commercial interest).

    Fortunately those damned bicycle helmets are not mandatory here in Québec, so I can faithfully wear my collection of bérets as I pedal. I have everything from those cotton ones to a toasty warm angora one.

    Will certainly look at yours.