Friday, November 23, 2012

Sobre la Estepa

The Patagonian steppe sets the stage for this intense drama of 'who done it' where four men, with berets, meet at a crossroads of violence and chance.
Two men, Honorino and Sepulveda, are out hunting guanaco when distant gunshots call their attention to investigate. Arriving the scene, they find a local acquaintance, Rabanito, bleeding and dying. Just before he passes, Rabanito spells a dark secret of Sepulveda. The absent gunman, Cirilo, finally emerges with guilt. Sepulveda, a rural policeman, accuses him of theft and murder.
Cirilo begins to further piece the story together, deepening Sepulveda's guilt in the twisting chaos of the mayhem. A gunshot rings out. Cirilo falls. Sepulveda holds the smoking rifle. Now, he must decide what to do with the last witness, Honorino.
Watch the trailer here.

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