Friday, November 9, 2012

The World's Best Beret is Back!

Not only the 'World's Best Beret', but also the beret that broke a record in time of being sold out! The last lot of these berets lasted some three weeks on the shelves of South Pacific Berets
A new (and most likely last) lot has just arrived (all pre-orders will be shipped out today), but unfortunately NZ Customs weren't as 'friendly' as last time - a hefty import duty this time which I -partially- have to add to the price.
Still, you won't find a beret of better quality, anywhere. Feedback from an Australian customer was that he couldn't believe wearing a wool beret in 34oC! The insulation capacity of the 17 microns merino wool is truly amazing.
It is a steep learning curve for me too, learning about the properties of this merino wool. Following some more information on the benefits:
This merino wool ensures it feels smooth, soft and comfortable due to it's natural properties of breathability, thermoregulation, durability, stretch and drape that Merino fabrics provide, next to other benefits such as odour resistance, fire and static resistance, UV absorption and sweat and moisture control.
Merino fibres are strong and long, enabling a durable fabric and has excellent drape and wrinkle recovery. As Merino fibres are natural, and like human hair are made up of keratin proteins, they are very resilient - a Merino fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking. When a Merino fibre is wet, it can be extended up to 30% without damage. When the extension is released, the fibre then recovers completely to its original dimensions.
The specifics can be found on this information chart of the manufacturer:

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