Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Cantabria is a Spanish historical region and autonomous community with Santander as its capital city. 
It is bordered on the east by the Basque Autonomous Community (province of Biscay), on the south by Castile and León (provinces of León, Palencia and Burgos), on the west by the Principality of Asturias, and on the north by the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay).
Drying boina on the clothesline in San Roque de Riomiera, Cantabria
Cantabrians are dedicated beret wearers, but interesting (despite the rainfall, you won't find many plato grandes in Cantabria; typically Cantabrians wear the small diameter berets, or boinas, like the Basica and Super Lujo 242.

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