Tuesday, March 19, 2013


As an almost life-long vegetarian, I have little sympathy for eating meat, but a complete un-understanding of eating pork. To me, pigs are the most amazing, intelligent and friendly animals one can find.
Some proof of that, are the pigs trained for truffle hunting. Thanks to their remarkable sense of smell and high intelligence, pigs find, and root up these treasured bits of black gold - just so that a bereted Frenchman can harvest the treasure. 
And the rare times that I do see "real" free range pigs, it gives me immense pleasure to stop the car on the side of the road and just observe. The pigs in this picture here don't know half how luck they are!


  1. Hi Daan, I love pigs too and I'm also a vegetarian.
    Since over 30 years...
    By the way?
    Katherine Mansfield was vegetarian too, isn't it?
    - Matthias

  2. Hi Matthias,
    I am not sure, to be honest. Vegetarianism plays a role in some of her stories (like in 'Germans at Meat'), but whether she ate vegetarian herself I don't know.
    I'll find out (she literally lived around the corner from me, after all).