Friday, March 8, 2013

Traditional Beret Games from Aragon (Spain)

Beret Throwing (Lanzamiento de boina)
Every participant has three go's at throwing the beret, as far away from the starting line as possible. It is 'free style', but all players have to copy the method of the first thrower (between the legs, backwards, etc).
Beret Throwing (Lanzamiento de boina)
One popular method is to throw the beret from between the legs with an upwards effect over the head!
Troncho de coll (or "snatch the beret")
A game for two pairs: one child with a beret is attached by his/her companion (defender) by a long rope. The other pair of children try to remove the beret, without being touched by the defender of the beret-boy/girl.

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