Thursday, February 20, 2014

Evolution of a Beret Wearer

Birthdays - time for reflection. When you hit 51 and you've been a beret wearer for most of these years, there must be a bit of visual material to give evidence of it.
No pictures of my father's berets that I used to wear as a child, but the beret pictured above is, I believe, the first beret I owned. An ex Marine Corps affair, a bit smelly still of the Army Navy Store where it came from, but I loved wearing that beret. The picture is taken near Haarlem, where I used to live on a house-boat.
The grainy picture above is from 1991. Farewell of my ex, but still good friend Miriam, before moving to the south of France, driving  the old Citroen HY (some 1300 km's with a max speed of 80km/hr).
Some 8 years ago (above), in a rented bach at the Akaroa Peninsula on NZ's South Island. A good sized tarte and a not too happy looking daughter Emira.
Yes, it's only some 4 years ago that I looked like this, long grey hair back and front - wearing a sun-washed boina Tolosa Tupida. Picture taken at the Kapiti Coast, with in the far distance Australia just visible.
Christmas 2012 - short hair at the back, long at the front and donning a cotton Plato Grande while enjoying the sun at Wellinton's Worser Bay.
The last picture at age 50, with the new Boina Super Lujo in brown
Now please, make my (birth-)day and buy a beret!


  1. Happy birthday, Daan! I love the berets I have purchased from you. Just this morning I recommended South Pacific Berets to a friend at the commuter train station. I wish everyone would run their businesses , large or small, as you do. Sto lat!

    Pat DeVito
    La Grange Park, IL USA

  2. Happy B-Day -- you youngster, you!!