Sunday, February 9, 2014


 Although the most popular colour among my female customers, not many men choose to wear a red beret.
 A pity, really, as it clearly shows on these pictures here.
 Heinz Mariacher, Italian mountaineer
 I don't wear my red wool boina Tolosa Tupida often, finding it a bit too much of a head-turner on me, but there are days that nothing feels better on my head.
The red cotton boina Tolosa Tupida with headband I find a great beret for a hot summer day; you'll easily spot me on the beach or cafe terracces! 
Interestingly, many gauchos choose the bright bred beret as their headgear of choice. 


  1. It's curious that my first beret was a red one, and I didn't wear it except for two or three times, until it was damaged.

    Actually I wear everyday berets, and I have 4 of them (I have bought another two by Amazon, and I expect the parcel for this week), combining them with the clothes I wear that day.

    I read this blog and the "role models" one and I have to confess that I had seen my style in some images here.

    I'm keep reading these blogs, they're very inspiring.


  2. Very interesting 'Role models' in colour. Among the red ones I was pleased to see even my beloved bordeaux, and I looked forward for continuation with lovers of other colors. Today I was happy with blue!