Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mors Kochanski

Mors Kochanski is a Canadian bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor, naturalist and author. He has acquired an international following and has instructed for both military and civilians in Canada, the US, the UK and Sweden. He is well known for saying "The more you know, the less you carry".
Mors was brought up on an isolated farm in Saskatchewan. He spent most of his time working the farm and assisting his father. In his early school years, he walked or rode 7 miles to and from school on a bush road. This daily journey was a significant part of his education and the foundation for a lifetime of interest in nature.
Rather than enrolling in curriculum courses, Mors took classes at university that were of interest to him, including anthropology, psychology, geology and writing. His lack of participation in a recognised degree program resulted in a suspension from the university due to “a complete lack of direction”, after four years.
From that point on, he resolved to become a specialist in outdoor subjects, specialising in wilderness living skills and the lifestyles of wilderness peoples.
During the 1970s Mors became an associate professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Physical Education, editor of the magazine ‘Alberta Wilderness Arts and Recreation’ and performed freelance work for various agencies.
In 1986, he was approached to write a book on survival and wilderness skills for the Canadian boreal forests which was originally titled “Northern Bushcraft”. The book became a Canadian bestseller.
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