Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chain Reaction: Culture Shock

In 1980 after their dance group broke up, brothers Thomas and Paul Guzman-Sanchez decided to stay in the entertainment business by becoming a band. Thomas playing the guitar since the age of 5 felt real comfortable going right into his passion for playing but for Paul the transition wasn't as easy, going for percussion. Coming from a musical family, being 3rd generation musicians on their father's side, it felt natural playing in a band. The group went on to getting signed in 1985 to Elektra Asylum Records with there first album release "CULTURE SHOCK" and this would be the first album to have Los Angeles Mexican gang style graffiti on the cover and back cover of the album.
Thomas Guzman-Sanchez on the front cover wearing "Tommy Boys" (custom style pleated pants), 40's style trench coat, black beret and black gloves.

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